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Listed below are some of our specialized fields  
Turnkey Projects LT/HT Lighting Design
Turnkey Execution of LT/HT Substations and distribution systems
Supply and installation of Electrical Panels
Generating SLDs for electrical circuits
Modeling of lighting systems for indoor and outdoor facilities
Supply and installation of all light fixtures
Optimize the Light design for energy savings and desired Lux levels
Fire Alarm System Access Control Systems
Designing Fire Detection and Alarm systems ( Addressable & Non
Supply and installation of Fire alarm systems
Optimize sensor locations for all fire cases
Designing Access control systems to meet customer requirements
Quality installation and commissioning of ACS
Cable Laying Electronic Security and Surveillance Systems
Supply and installation of Cable Trays
Supply and Laying of cables and wires
Cable termination
Designing and installation of Surveillance systems for security and monitoring
Optimize location of CCTV cameras for 24hrs monitoring of facilities